About me

Welcome to my homepage! I have collected coins for more than 50 years and error coins for almost 35 years. I am recently retired from my work as family therapist. When You work with other peoples problems it is good to have a hobby that helps You relax from work. Coin collecting is such a hobby. To collect mint errors is a small (but growing) segment of numismatics.

I have collected not only swedish but also coins from all over the world. My aim has been to find at least one such major error from all nations in the world. I also like to have as many type of errors represented in my collection. When I see a dramatic error coin I often think of: how did it escape the mint? Most error coins are very unusual and should not come into circulation  at all.  


Member of  :   Gothenburg numismatic club (GNF)

                          Swedish  Numismatic Association (SNF)


                          Organisation for Error Collectors of  America (CONECA)                          

Email: mawett99@hotmail.com